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False myths about Scrambler Therapy

As with all new scientific innovations, self-proclaimed “experts”, who usually do not belong to the research world, generate an almost  endless number of biased or wrong  information, that like jokes spread in an uncontrolled fashion among people, and end up creating false myths. This page includes some of the most frequently mentioned ones.

Scrambler Therapy is an experimental treatment.
This is clearly false. Scrambler Therapy has all healthcare necessary authorization to be used outside the experimental field in any country.

Scrambler Therapy is a more powerful TENS device.
Scrambler Therapy basic functioning  is completely opposite to that of a TENS device or any other form of electro-analgesia historically known. This is one of the reasons why the application fields are radically different, as well as its results.

Scrambler Therapy must be used in combination with drugs.
Scrambler Therapy was
created to fill the void of pharmaceutical therapies, and has at length been tested on patients non-responsive to the strongest combination of analgesic molecules. Clearly, it is exactly for this reason that there is no need for other combinations, that in some cases have adverse effects.

Scrambler Therapy  was created to replace drugs.
For the reasons listed above and in other pages of this website, from the very beginning 
Scrambler Therapy research has had the goal to bridge the gap of ineffective therapy on neuropathic and oncologic pain. Within rationale pain therapy  management, Scrambler Therapy is mainly focused on that large group of patients who cannot benefit from any other cure because  either ineffective or not tolerated, and not to replace them.

Patients taking anticonvulsants cannot use Scrambler Therapy.
Most patients suffering from neuropathic pain take anticonvulsants, and can still be treated with Scrambler Therapy by following the proper protocol better illustrated in other  pages of this website.

Scrambler Therapy does not cure central pain.
Also this piece of information is not true. Scrambler Therapy can easily treat central pain by using dermatome projections of pain.  Obviously, the attempt to treat central pain by positioning the electrodes on the patient's head is wrong and useless, and shows complete lack of knowledge about the fundamental mechanism of how this therapy works.  Furthermore, there are precautionary limitations concerning central pain that do not apply to peripheral pain.

Scrambler Therapy “reads” information about pain and reinserts it after having modified it.
Absolutely wrong. Scrambler Therapy has in its database all necessary information to know how pain information is built, and the necessary ones to build information of non-pain needed to suppress it.

Scrambler Therapy regenerates nerve fibers.
This is a false myth too. Recovery of sensibility or regression of some neurologic symptoms related to neuropathic pain, depend solely to normalization of C-fiber activity and pain disappearance, that allows resurfacing of other sensations coming from A-Beta fibers, that were previously hidden by persistent chronic pain.