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Training area

 Training is one of the fundamental conditions for the correct usage of Scrambler Therapy in clinical research  or hospital practice. This is the reason why training is provided free of cost to researchers  and trainees. Those in charge of providing secondary training are suggested to do likewise. Secondary training is provided in different countries by accredited personal who has followed primary training courses in Italy. Other types of training, not in line with what mentioned above, are not validly acknowledged, and do not guarantee the ability to correct methodology usage.



International primary training
International primary training is held (free of charge) in public hospitals in Rome directly by Prof. Giuseppe Marineo, who developed Scrambler Therapy basic and applied research. The training course is for clinical researchers and physicians  that will themselves become  trainers in their country of origin. Apart from addressing issues pertaining  to the correct methodology usage, it clarifies scientific and methodology issues on clinical research.

Secondary training
Secondary training is provided by the countries who have medical personal that has undergone primary training. It is aimed exclusively towards  correct methodology usage in clinical practice.

Course structure
Both training courses last for three days for specific reasons. There are some variation features during the treatment that statistically occur in the first three days, and it thus necessary to learn how to detect and manage them.

Clinical Practice
Overall each course can accept a limited number of attendees, since each one of them must have a hands-on relationship at least with one patient, apart from observing other patients' being treated. This usually limits the number to a max of 4-5 attendees for each course. Courses that last less than 3 days, or where it is impossible to realize clinical practice in the indicated conditions or provided by unauthorized trainers, are not in line with standard training criteria. These courses have no proper training value.

E-training is possible only as an integration support after standard training. E-training cannot replace a standard training course.

Certification value
Attendance to a training course certifies the operator to the correct methodology usage, but does not entitle him/her to become a trainer. Training for trainers envisages another separate authorization where it is expressly acknowledged.